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We are currently seeking book length collections of poems, collections of short stories, or non-fiction books. Accepted authors will be offered a contract with generous royalties. Books will be distributed worldwide to bookstores, institutions and online retailers.

Submission Guidelines

The work must be previously unpublished in book form. 

Manuscripts should be in a plain font (such as Times New Roman, 12pt.)

Submissions should be in MS Word (doc or docx) or RFT formats.

Include a citation page for any work previously published in print or online magazines. Make it clear what was published and where. Example: “The Dog’s Ear” appeared in The Boston Review.

Include a title page with your name, address, and email.

Include a table of contents showing the order that the poems/stories/chapters should appear.

Poetry collections should be 60 – 100 pages, single spaced.

Short story collections should be 100 – 250 pages, double spaced.

Non-fiction is published under the imprint “DLB Press”. Page counts are dictated by the subject matter, but don’t be verbose. We seek clear, precise language.

For more details, please visit www.ducklakebooks.com.